Every individual, couple and family is different
And each financial situation is unique.

But, through years of experience, we can see patterns and similarities. We’d like to introduce you to some of our distinctive clients and the sorts of financial issues they face …

The Sunsetters.

This is Lucy and Kevin*
Lucy and Kevin are in their mid-50’s and have three kids – two have left home and their youngest is still living with them, finishing Uni. While they’re both still working, Lucy and Kevin want to minimise tax to pay their mortgage down as fast as they can and boost their retirement savings. They’ve made a few unsuccessful financial decisions along the way and have re-drawn on their mortgage in the past to pay for extras like holidays and renovations. Lucy and Kevin are nervous about their situation but don’t quite know what to do.

*This story does not feature real people

Service we provided

We referred Lucy and Kevin to a Financial Planner who helped restructure their superannuation to better help achieve their retirement goals.

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