Every individual, couple and family is different.
And each financial situation is unique.

But, through years of experience, we can see patterns and similarities.
We’d like to introduce you to some of our distinctive clients and the sorts of financial issues they face …

The Providers

Introducing Amelia and Will*
Amelia and Will are in their 40’s and have two kids at school. Amelia works part-time as an IT consultant and Will is a plumber. Their medium term financial goal is to minimise tax so they can pay more off their mortgage. They’re also starting to think about the lifestyle they want in retirement which would, ideally, include travel and a few little luxuries. The bottom line is that they are prepared to work hard now because they don’t want themselves or their kids to struggle in the future.

*This story does not feature real people

Service we provided

We introduced Amelia and Will to a qualified tax advisor who helped structure their tax through investing in property, which helped to increase their financial stability.

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