Book your 45min strategy session to explore how to reduce your tax and pay off your mortgage in record time.

Think of it as the first baby step on your journey to financial happiness.

The main thing you should know is that the consultation is NOT a sales call.

Rather, it’s more of a getting-to-know-each-other meeting. We’ll need to know a bit about you and your wealth needs and aspirations. You’ll need to know a lot about what we do and how we do it.

If you’re like the thousands of Australian customers before you, after this meeting you’ll have lots of questions as it dawns on you that there really is a way for you to build the kind of wealth many only dream of. Questions we will be only too happy to answer before you commit to anything.

There is no pressure.

Education is the key

Our process does take a little bit of time. We need to build your financial literacy to the point where you are able to confidently make smart choices for you and your family. And you need to understand what is possible and what can be reasonably achieved over time.

As much as we’d like to help everyone, the Advantage Consulting process does require our clients to have a minimum level of existing assets and income as a stepping off point for their wealth building journey with us. A typical client has at least $150,000 in home equity or assets and a household income in excess of $100,000 per year. They know they have the basic essence of wealth creation, they just aren’t sure where to begin.

We look forward to meeting you to discuss your wealth aspirations and our process for helping you achieve them.

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Our Process


A free 45-60 minute expert consultation evaluates:

  • Your current financial position
  • Your short, medium and long term financial goals
  • Your best options to determine a tangible and achievable plan.


A serviceability test and individualised analysis determines the best professional to help. In a review with you, we examine your specific situation and recommend the most appropriate Preferred Referral Affiliate Partner.


Our expert investigation and planning then helps you refine, align and adjust your proposed action, based on independent and unbiased support.


We select our most appropriate Preferred Referral Affiliate Partner – all hand-picked and expert in their respective fields – and facilitate a caring, professional relationship with you.

*Happy to come to your home, office or conduct a virtual appointment.

You should assess whether the information on this website is appropriate to your particular investment objectives, financial situation and investment needs. You should do this before making an investment decision on the basis of the information on this website. You can either make this assessment yourself or seek the assistance of any adviser.

*$50 Coles-Myer Gift Card Criteria apply. Applicants must meet minimum eligibility criteria to receive gift card. Must sit full appointment, meet income, equity and asset criteria. Gift cards will be mailed to applicants upon confirmation of the completed appointment.