GetFRAME - Custom Framing In Your Website

If you have a website that you sell images from, then you can provide a link or button to allow your customers to custom frame your images.

Click "Custom Frame" below to see on the demonstration site.


Demonstration Site - Your Name Photography



Winking Bubbles

A cheeky pin up shot of a girl having fun with bubbles

Photograph by Bob Shaw

If you would like a custom framing quotation, click Custom Frame


Basic Option.

The Basic option works like this.

At the image on your website you insert some code that creates a link or button. You customise the code with the name of the image, the file name of the preview and the aspect ratio. Clicking the button or link takes the customer to our website where they select the image size, colour and number of mat boards, glass type and size of frame. After payment (or beforehand) you upload the file and we print it for you. We complete the order and ship it. You get the image value component paid to you, less GST.

You can try the process yourself with your own images right now. There is no cost for the Basic Option. For instructions click here


Customised Option.

In the  Customised option most things can be done. It really depends on your imagination and budget. 

You would be able to customise aspect ratios, print sizes and other requirements.


For more information try the Frequently Asked Questions.

Alternatives Contact us for more details.